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Common Bristlenose (2-3inch Sub Adult)

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These are the common variant of the Ancistrus – commonly called the Bristlenose Pleco (Plecostomus). I’m afraid I can’t give you any specific species information as my breeding groups of Bristlenoses have accumulated from various sources along the years, so the genetics are somewhat of a mixed bag!

These fish make a great addition to most tanks – they tend to stay small in comparison to other Pleco species (4 – 6 inches max) and are not picky eaters. A healthy diet will be mainly vegetable based, loving green beans, courgette, cucumber in particular. Algae and spirulina wafers provide a good alternative as well as commercial ‘Pleco’ food. I personally believe it is important to provide wood in the tank as these fish like to graze on it and it aids their digestion – though there are differing opinions on this.

My fish thrive in all different types of substrate, and seem to do equally well in planted tanks as they do in bare bottom tanks. While they are a great addition to a ‘clean up crew’ as they will readily feed on algae or your glass or ornaments, they do also produce waste of their own which many people forget, so don’t skimp on the filtration!

Sizes are approximate, and I am unable to guarantee a specific sex at this size. Image is not the actual fish for sale.

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1 review for Common Bristlenose (2-3inch Sub Adult)

  1. michael hughes (verified owner)

    Lovely fish arived safe and warm but 1 doa as there was gravel in his bag maybe ?

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