‘Mutt’ Guppies (Male)


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If you are looking for beautiful, colourful & strong guppies without any desire to breed a specific strain of guppy, then these may be for you! These guppies have mixed heritage which makes them genetically strong and I also feel some of the most colourful and well shaped fish around (I guess I would say that!). Originally many years ago I started with some mutts of my own. I got interested in breeding strains of guppies and enjoyed that, so when I moved guppies from their ‘strain specific’ tanks into their retirement home/tank the obviously continued to breed and I ended up with the ‘Heinz 57’ of guppy fish! I’ve continued to do this, and find this method of colony breeding produces some great patterns and colours, as well as saving on tank space versus line breeding.

This is for a 1 male fish, which will be at least sub-adult age. The colours and pattern will mostly have come through. While I’ll attempt to fulfil any requests for general colour or pattern I cannot guarantee this, and definitely cannot select specific fish you might have seen in one of my videos!

These fish make a great addition to most community tanks and are not picky eaters. A good quality flake food will provide a healthy diet supplemented by the occasional frozen or live food. They are tolerant of a wide variety of water parameters. While my tanks have quite soft water I have some guppies I’ve bred now in with customers who have liquid rock and the fish are thriving. I believe the goal is stability rather than chasing specific water chemistry.

Size / age are approximate. Image is not the actual fish for sale.

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