Sticky Colour pellets


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Great for getting a close up look at your fish – I feed this as a treat, and everything from shrimp to discus love it. Packed with natural colour enhancers these 10mm pellets stick to the glass and slowly disintegrate (or quickly, depending how hungry your fish are!) attracting the fish to feed near the glass giving you a chance to inspect them or photograph them.

Premium quality, dimensionally stable tablets with algae, shrimp, krill, gammarus and vegetables for all tropical fish and invertebrates

  • For all omnivorous tropical fish regardless of size
  • High vitamin content improves immune system and helps fight disease
  • Exceptionally rich formula including algae, vegetables, gammarus, shrimp and krill
  • Contains a variety of natural colour enhancers and a wide spectrum of amino acids
  • Promotes well-being, naturally intense colouring and growth
  • Innovative low heat temperature manufacturing process preserves nutritional value of ingredients used
  • Improves digestion, liver function and encourages fish to spawn
  • Diverse formula perfect for multi species tank
Analysis Vitamins Ingredients
Crude protein: 37.5% Vitamin A: 26 600 lu/kg Fish and fish by-products
Crude oils and fat: 4.4% Vitamin D3: 2 400 lu/kg Molluscs and crustaceans
Crude fibre: 5.5% Vitamin E: 360 mg/kg Vegetables and vegetable by-products
Crude ash: 9.4% Vitamin C: 424 mg/kg Cereals
Inositol: 606 mg/kg Algae
Oils and fats
Milk and dairy products

Weight: 50g
Not for human consumption.

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