Sticky Spirulina pellets


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Great for getting a close up look at your fish – I feed this as a treat, but it can be used as a complete food with spirulina . These 10mm pellets stick to the glass and slowly disintegrate (or quickly, depending how hungry your fish are!) attracting the fish to feed near the glass giving you a chance to inspect them or photograph them.

Tasty and nutritious, vitamin rich adhesive tablets with spirulina, molluscs, crustaceans, algae and vegetables for all common tropical and ornamental fish

  • Universal, premium tablet food with multi-vitamin and mineral complex for most species of fish
  • For everyday feeding of guppies, bettas, neons, cichlids, angelfish, swordtails, tetras, mollies and other omnivorous species
  • Complete feed used as a substitute or a supplement to flake or granulated foods
  • Designed to improve growth, colouration and immune system
  • Inositol improves breeding and reduces stress
  • High Vitamin C and E content enhance resistance
  • Promotes well-being, naturally intense colouring and growth
  • Diversified formula perfect for multi-species tanks
Analysis Vitamins Ingredients
Crude protein: 42.5% Vitamin A: 26 600 lu/kg Vegetable protein extracts
Crude oils and fat: 3.8% Vitamin D3: 2 400 lu/kg Vegetable and vegetable by-products
Crude fibre: 4.4% Vitamin E: 360 mg/kg Fish by-products
Crude ash: 8.7% Vitamin C: 424 mg/kg Cereals & Algae
Inositol: 606 mg/kg Yeasts
Oils and fats
Molluscs & crustaceans
Milk and dairy products

Not for human consumption.

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