Fishfood recipes

Discus Beefheart (or Porkheart) recipe

• 500g beef or pork heart
• 100g prawns
• 100g mussels
• 100g cod fillet
• 100g salmon fillet
• 100g Curly Kale or Spinach (wilted)
• 2 cloves garlic
• 1 egg
• 1 banana
• 2 tea spoons of paprika powder (Do not use if you have white or yellow fish)
• 5ml cod liver oil
• 2ml Abidec (Children’s multivitamin – drops rather than syrup)
If possible get your butcher to mince the heart once they have removed ALL fat & veins. If you’re
doing it yourself remove ALL fat & veins from heart and cut into cubes. At this point I place some egg
crate in an old ice cream tub, put the mince on top and let the blood / moisture drain for 24 – 48
hours. Blitz all other ingredients in a food processor or mince, and then mix well with the meat. Then
mix some more. When you think you’ve mixed enough mix for twice as long again.
Place in freezer bags and roll out to about 1cm thick then place in the freezer – then you can just
break off chunks as required.
My number 1 tip is to get all the ingredients as dry as possible before you start. Also the
measurements or ingredients given are not exact or rigid – I’ll often use more prawns and or ditch
the mussels, or throw in extras if I have them around like decapsulated brine shrimp, spirulina
powder, flake, tomato puree, peas, carrots, courgettes etc.

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